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Develop kids apps

It’s not easy but it’s not too hard. You’ll need apple computer (not free) and xcode (free). You can find a ton of tutorials on line to get you started with xcode but after that you’ll have to choose you development ‘enviroment’ so to speak. Lot’s of choices there. Great one is cocos2d, currently at v3 RC. There are many others but you can find it your self. No? Check Steffen’s popularity index. After that look for help at StackOverflow or start with great Rays tutorials. And most important thing, don’t give up and after a month or so you…

Elastic stretch with cocos2d

Cocos2d is a ios library that can save you a lot of time in development of your game. It has sprites, great effects, animations, sound engine, physics and more. Get it here. This tutorial will walk you trough the process of creating a simple cocos2d elastic sprite stretch. Don’t worry its short and sweet. Follow me along, or just jump straight to source sample at the end. Before you start typing code, you’ll need one image. Take mine or make your own. I’m using 500×200 png with transparent tank shape. Download it and manually copy to your project image directory…

Who Who sketches

We have something new for you. Few weeks ago, we started developing interactive picture book. Vjekoslav wrote the script and developed characters and we all liked them *——–* this much. For now we will show you just a little bit but be patient and we promise you will like them too.